Skill Level

Grey Tigyr Tai Ji Quan Qi Qong Association
Curricula Skill Levels Goals

Following is a frame work from which I believe one can gauge their ability and competence in Tai Ji. That ability should include performance, understanding, the ability to teach and ability to apply principles and concepts, both in practice and in one’s life,  as well as to contribute to the greater Martial Arts & Qi Qong community. There are 5 levels of Mastery, in the study of Tai Ji ,or any worthwhile endeavor. Having made the decision to begin this study, you will have entered the 2nd level. They are:

Unconscious Incompetence

Conscious Incompetence

Conscious Competence

Unconscious ( Natural) Competence

Unconscious Consistent Competence

The Study and Path are a long and life long process. This all, really just the beginning, and are we not all Beginners?

So, if there are any questions, come to our class to observe and inquire . Or go to our Meetup site.

Thank You,
Bill Swann D.O.

Introductory Level I

6 to 12 months

  • Sky Drum Qi Qong
  • Swimming Dragon Qi Qong
  • 5 Style Steps with Morph Stepping
  • Completion of the 1st section of the Sun or Yang Style Solo Set
  • Memorization of the 10 Essences


Beginner Level II

1 to 3 years accumulated study

  • Basic Mindfullness Based Stress Reduction Meditation and Concepts
  • Tai Ji Tango (2 Person Attach Hands Morph Stepping Exercise ) 5 rounds
  • Tai Ji Qi Qong Post Natal Breathing
  • Completion of Sun Style Set
  •  12 Standing Postures Set/ 20 breaths each
  • Foundation Set Tai Ji
  • 16 Step Cane Set


Novice Level III

2 to 4 years accumulated study

Review of the 97 Posture Sun Style or Completion of the 103 Movement Yang Style Solo Set

  • Tai Ji Qi Qong with PreNatal breathing and Fixed Step Tai ji Walk Set
  • 12 Healing Sounds Qi Qong Set
  • Big Wave Little wave Qi Qong
  • Completion of the 16 step Tai Ji Spear Set
  • Completion of Introductory Internal Dragon Head Walking Cane Set
  • Perform Yang or Sun Style Solo Set at Level of 6.5
  • Demonstrate Understanding of Relaxing and Sinking Energy
  • Cross Hands Meditation 100 Slow Breaths


Intermediate Level IV

4 to 5 years accumulated study

  • Advanced Review ,Correction and Applications of the 97 Posture Sun Style and / or 103 Movement Yang Style Solo Set
  • Tai Ji Method Staff Set
  • Single and 4 Forms Fixed Step Push Hands with 8 Energies
  • Be Able To teach Introductory Level
  • Demonstrate Energetic or Applications of 2 Movements from each of 3 Sections of Solo Set
  • Perform Yang and Sun Style Set at level of 7.0 or better
  • Lang Ye 12 Sitting postures ( Blue Dragon) Qi Qong
  • Demonstrate Understanding of Listening and Ward Off Energy
  • Demonstrate Understanding of 10 Essences
  • Cross Hands Meditation 200 Slow Breaths


Advanced Level V ( Grey Tigyr Medallion)

5 to 7 years accumulated study

  • Perform Yang & Sun Style Solo Set at Level of 7.5
  • Complete Yang Style Saber Set
  • Complete Yang and or Sun Style Sword Set
  • Read Tao Te Ching,and Tai Chi Classics. Write Brief Essay on Tai Principles
  • Perform 5 Sun Style Sets Continuously Right,Right,Left,Right,Right
  • Be Able to Teach Skill Beginner Level II
  • Demonstrate Ability in Relaxation Lever Concept of Zhang Lu Ping
  • Solo and Two Person Push Hands Moving and 5 Styles Step
  • Demonstrate Energetic or 5 Applications from each of 3 Sections of Solo Set
  • Cross Hands Meditation 300 Slow Breaths


Assistant Instructor Level VI ( Red Sash)

7 to 10 years accumulated

  • Perform Solo set at Level of 8.0
  • Participate in Push Hands Competition and Advanced Qi Qong Seminar
  • Demonstrate ability in Moving Step 4 Forms and Da Lu Push Hands
  • Perform 3 Yang Style Sets Continuously Right,Right,Left,Right,Right
  • Complete Yang Style Sword Set and demonstrate Level of 7.0 or Higher Competence
  • Demonstrate Ability In 5 Energies and 10 Essences
  • Be able to teach Yang Style Set at basic beginner level and concepts .
  • Solo / San So /Silk Reeling Push Hands, 20 minutes
  • 12 Standing Postures 40 breaths each
  • Cross hands Meditation 400 Slow Breaths


Instructor Level ( Black Sash) VII

( Grey Tigyr Silver Medallion)

10 to 15 years accumulated study

  • Perform Tai Ji & Sun Style Sword Sets,Solo Yang Style and Sun Style Tai Ji Sets at an International Level Competition with a Level of 8.0 or higher
  • 12 Standing Postures 50 breaths each
  • Cross hands Meditation 500 Slow Breaths
  • Demonstrate Knowledge, understanding and ability of Microcosmic Orbit Qi Qong, 12 Meridian Acupressure/ Massage, 12 Standing Posture ,Swimming Dragon, Tai Ji Qi Qong, Salutation to the Sun, Spinal Stretch Series of Kundalini Yoga and 12 Sitting Postures of Lang Ye Qi Qong
  • Demonstrate Competence in Performance & Teaching of Free Style/ San So Push hands
  • Teach Solo Yang and Sun Style Sets to ( 3) Students
  • Attend Seminar or become Certified as a Judge for Competition
  • Publish Article on Qi Qong or Tai Ji Subject


Master Instructor Level VIII ( Black Sash with Grey Fringe)

15 to 30 years Study

  • Have Performed at National Level or Higher Competition
  • Sun Style Tai Ji Sword & Solo Sets, Yang Style Sword , Sabre and Solo Sets with a Level of 8.5 or higher
  • Develop an Instructor Level Black Sash
  • Develop and Run a Seminar on Tai Ji & Qi Qong
  • Have Deep and Personally Applied to One’s Life and Understanding of Tai Ji, Qi Qong with Emphasis on Self Healing Capabilities
  • Be Recognized by One’s International Peers as a Forms, Weapons or Push hands Judge
  • Have studied , taught and practiced Tai Ji Quan over 15 years
  • Publish a monograph on a Tai Ji or Qi Qong related subject
  • Grey Tigyr Repertoire

  • Standing Qi Qong

  • A) Tai Ji Qi Qong w Tai Ji Walking

  • B) Tiger’s Breath Nei Gong

  • C) 12 healing Sounds Qi Qong

  • D) Foundation Set

  • 1) Loosen the Nine Channeled Pearls
  • 2) Fishing Forward 3 to 10 reps
  • 3) Fishing diagonally 3 to 10 reps
  • 4) Picking up the Bucket 3 to 10 reps
  • 5) Upward Downward Kuan Yin Qi Qong / Tendon Stretch 3 breaths/10 reps
  • 6) Inward Outward Kuan Yin Qi Qong / Tendon Stretch 3breaths/10 reps
  • 7) Mime Rotates Tai Chi Ball /Fair Lady works Shuttle Rt/ Lt 10 reps
  • 8) Long & Short Hand, Fixed Step Rt & Lt ,10 reps
  • 9) Long & Short Hand Arrow & Bow Stance Rt & Lt ,10 reps
  • 10) Swallow, Spit and Spit Fixed Step Rt & Lt ,10 reps
  • E) 12 Standing Postures 50 breathes w Cross Hands Posture 50 breathes Rt, Lt, Rt, Lt, Rt

  • F) 5 styles steps with Morph stepping and Tai Ji Tango

  • G) Swimming Dragon Qi Qong X 12

  • Sitting Qi Qong

  • 1) Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Meditation
  • 2) Sky Drum
  • 3) 12 Healing Sounds Qi Qong
  • 4) Kundalini Spinal Stretch Set
  • 5) Blue Dragon Qi Qong (12 Esoteric Taoist Postures with Meridian Run)
  • Tai Ji Quan Sets and Exercises

  • 1) Salutation to the Sun
  • 2) Yang Style Set
  • 3) Sun Style Set
  • 4) Cheng Men Ching Style Set
  • 5) Silk Reeling with Free Style San So
  • 6) Free Style Form
  • Weapons

  • ; Wu Shu Staff; Tai Ji Staff; Spear; Kwan Do; Sun Sword; Yang Sword; Yang Sabre; Axe & Knife; Axe & Cutlass; Knife
  • Wu Shu/ Kung Fu

  • 1) Wu Shu Warm Up w Fa Jing
  • 2) Iron Palm Set: Crushing Palm; Dragon Tail Slap; Chop; Star Palm; Heel Palm; Crane Beak; Tiger Claw; Tiger Rake/
  • 3) 5 Style Kicks
  • 4) Wu Ming
  • 5) Wu Shu Basic Set
  • 6) Lung Chi Shih
  • 7) White Tigyr Set
  • 8) Black Tigyr Set
  • 9) Grey Tigyr Set