12 Standing Postures Qi Qong

12 Standing Postures Qi Qong Sequence

  • Centering – Feet together,knees not bent, back of hands together, resting on one’s chest
  • Bao Huei – Feet shoulder width apart, Palms above head,palms facing down towards, Bao Huei(crown of your head)
  • Ho Tai – Feet shoulder width apart, palms facing upward, a bit in front of your head, knees bent 30 @.
  • 3rd Eye – Knees bent, Double Tiger Mouth Palms at level of 3rd Eye (between your eyebrows)
  • Throat – Knees not bent, Palms facing downwards,at leval of throat.
  • Holding the Post – Knees bent, Double Ward Of position, Palms Facing Heart/ Sternum
  • Holding the Post Left, Empty Stance,70 -90% of weight on Right Leg, Right Palm is just slightly behind Left Handtips of Right Hand ifngers, near base of Left Palmer fingers. Reverse to Weight on the Left, Facing to your Right for Right side.
  • Spleen-Liver, Palms facing downwards, at level of Spleen/Diaphragm and Liver, knees unbent.
  • Cross Hands Posture, knees bent.
  • Dan Tien – Palms Turned upward, at level of Dan Tien about 3 inches below and into your umbilicus.
  • Adrenal – Palms Pressed outwards behind one’s self,fingers pointed otwards each other, knees unbent.
  • Wu Chi Posture, Knees unbent.

Using Principles of “Yang Cheng Fu’s 10 Essences”, Finding your Dan Tien, the Big Circle and differentiate Substantial form Insubstantial. Count your breath, starting from 3 breaths for each posture and gradually, over time, work your way up to 20 to 50 slow easy abdominal breaths, for each posture. Good Luck!!!