About the Association and Dr. Swann D.O. Chief Instructor

The Grey Tigyr Tai Ji Quan Qi Qong Association, formerly Grey Tigyr Tai Ji Quan Kung Fu Academy was in founded in 1992 and has recently closed after 22 years in June of 2014. The purpose of this Web Site is now to act as a reference to learn and gain understanding of Tai Ji and Qi Qong. Qi Qong means Energy Work, and Tai Ji Quan is the “Grand Ultimate” system both for health and for self-defense.

Founder and Chief Instructor, Bill Swann D.O, has been teaching Tai Ji Quan since 1991. He began his study of the martial arts in 1970..In addition to being a senior practitioner and instructor of Tai Ji Quan and Qi Qong. Bill Swann D.O., is an Osteopath, Internist and Emergency Medicine Physician. Currently, Dr. Swann is a staff physician at Barquist Army Health Clinic in Fort Detrick, Maryland where he practices Internal Medicine and Osteopathy. Click “Health Tapestry” and see information below for more information on his resume.

Dr. Swann has participated in multiple regional, national and international completions between 1971 to present, has received both 1st, 2nd & 3rd place Medals in Push Hands (Fixed & moving step), Yang form, Sun form, Yang Sword and Full Contact Shaolin. His most recent competition resulted in his winning 1st place (Gold medal) in Super heavy weight push hands at 5 Tigers Championships June 2008

Married in 1975, he and his wife have raised three, now grown, children and now enjoy their five grandchildren.

Dr. Swann is also part of 4 Directions Health Tapestry, a venture dedicated to teaching and enhancing active aging, balance and mobility in a senior population and for those with neuro muscular diseases affecting their cognitive processes, gait and balance.Currently the site is under construction.

“There are three student of the Way, one who studys diligently, one who gives the Way thought now and again, and another , who laughs out loud at the premise and existence of the Way. If it were not for the laughter, the Way would cease to exist.” Lao Tzu , Tao Te Ching.

Below are some of their names, and info from most recent to the distant past.

Master Wing Lam

Private lessons, Sun Style Tai Ji Quan, 1995 to 2005.

Master Christopher Pei

August 1991 to 2004/ Red Sash Instructor Level, of Yang Style Tai Ji Quan 103 Posture Solo Set, Sword, Sabre , Push Hands & Basic Wu Shu

Dr. Jon Kabat Zinn and Dr. Saki Santorelli

Intensive Seminar – “Mindfullness Meditation for Health Professinals” 1995 and 2005.

Master Zhang Lu Ping Seminars (deceased)

Private lessons 1995. Relaxation Lever Principle and Push Hands, Advance applications.

Grand Master Nianzu Li

Lang Ye Qi Qong – 1998 in Silver Spring, Maryland. www.sanho.net

Grand Master T.K. Shih

Qi Qong, healing Qi Qong, Swimming Dragon Qi Qong – 1995 in Kingston, NY

Grand Master Yang Zheng Do

Yang Style set, Sword, Sabre and Push hands – seminar intensives. 1993,1994 and 1995

Pat Rice

“Taste of China” – Seminar intensives – Yang Style, Push hands, Qi Qong, Theory – Held between 1989 and 1995 in Winchester, Virginia.

Grand Master Chao Chi Lu

Yang Style Tai Ji Quan, Push Hands, Qi Qong, Weapons 1984 to 1986 in Washington,D.C.

Grand Master Willy Lin

Yang Style Tai Ji Quan – 1983-1984

Domingo Tiu

Cheng Men Ching Style, Yang Style Method – Staff Set, Push Hands. – 1981 to 1983 in Oak Park, Illinois.

Grand Master Hsi

Yang Style Sword – 1982 in Chicago, Illinois.

Grand Master Waysun Liao

Cheng Men Ching Set, Tai Ji Sword, Push hands, Theory –

1974 to 1980, Oak Park, Illinois.

Sifu Dave Mislove Wu Chi Tao

Sifu Mike Milici

Cheng Men Ching Tai Ji, Push Hands, Wu Chi Tao Quan Shaolin – 1974 to 76

Wu Chi Tao Chuan

“Brotherhood of the Phoneix” – Chicago, Illinois – 1973 to 1975

Master Douglas Nowakunski

Sifu Jerry Greenwald

Sifu Larry Beaumont

Sifu Dave Mislove

“Green Dragon Society” – ,Chicago Illinois – 1970 to 1973

Chi Tao Chuan Kung fu

Tiger Style ( Dr. Swann’s primary Shaolin Style), Eagle Style, Mantis, Snake, Leapard, Panther, Boar, Crane, Black Crane, Wu Ming, Wu Men Quan, Axe and Knife.


Dr. Swann earned and received

1974 – Sifu with Yellow Fringe / Wu Chi Tao Ch’uan Gung Fu/ formerly Green Dragon Society, Chi Tao Ch’uan Gung Fu

1986 – Instructor Degree Black Belt, Tai Ji Quan by Grand Master Chao Chi Liu of Tien Shan Pai Tradition , China Town, Washington,D.C.